Things to be looking for

Written by Tracey Baute

Tracey Baute

Areas of Focus • Collaborate on applied research and demonstration projects to validate/determine practical integrated insect management solutions • Monitor for and implement strategies for new invasive species • Co-developer of the Aphid Advisor App • Co-author of Publication 812, Field Crop Protection Guide

  • Chris DiFonzo

    Commenting from over in Michigan, I haven’t found any aphid colonies on buckthorn either, despite a very heavy suction trap catch last fall. cdd

  • Chad Anderson

    Tracey, I think I have been confusing cereal aphids with those poop covered CLB, will you be in the Sarnia area this week? Maybe I could take you to some fields to help me? Also found weevil feeding in every alfalfa field today, everyone is behind planting, I am going to check again Friday after warm temperatures come through and I imagine will be spray sometime from the weekend on.

    • admin

      Hi Chad. I’m actually planning to hit the Petrolia area later today. I’ll give you a call when I am heading your way and we can meet up to check some fields.
      See you then! T