More Soybean Aphid Reports – Scouting is Advised

Written by Tracey Baute

Tracey Baute

Areas of Focus • Collaborate on applied research and demonstration projects to validate/determine practical integrated insect management solutions • Monitor for and implement strategies for new invasive species • Co-developer of the Aphid Advisor App • Co-author of Publication 812, Field Crop Protection Guide

  • Scott Kilbride

    Hi Tracy,
    Just wanted to let you know about a trial on Bean leaf beetle I am doing. I planted a field were part is treated with Cruiser, part is mixed treated and untreated and a section is untreated. I am already seeing results. There is moderate feeding on the untreated section, minimal on the mixed and next to none on the treated. I am trying to see if treating half the seed will give early season bean leaf beetle control.