Insects for this Week

Written by Tracey Baute

Tracey Baute

Areas of Focus • Collaborate on applied research and demonstration projects to validate/determine practical integrated insect management solutions • Monitor for and implement strategies for new invasive species • Co-developer of the Aphid Advisor App • Co-author of Publication 812, Field Crop Protection Guide

  • Brent McFadden

    Tracy, I noticed some feeding on my corn. Paul Robinson identified it as Salk Borer and said no treatment was necessary. Just wondered if you were seeing much of this.

    • admin

      Hi Brent

      Did he mean Stalk Borer or is he getting that confused with European corn borer? Here is a pic of Common Stalk Borer :

      If it is Stalk Borer, then yes, he is correct. Since the larvae would be in the stalk already, spray would not be effective. Plus, we tend to find this insect only at very low densities and has not reached thresholds in Ontario that I know of.

      Let me know if that is what you found. Otherwise, we can see about getting some samples to me to identify.

  • Brent McFadden

    Thanks Tracey.

    Yes, Paul was sure that’s what it was. It was in pretty well every stalk along the outside row but didn’t move into the field.