Use Cruiser on Soys This Year – Particularly in South Bruce/North Huron

Written by Tracey Baute

Tracey Baute

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  • F. Meloche

    I found soybean aphid on soybean may 30. Any observation in southwest?

    • admin

      Hi Francois

      There were very few acres of soys planted down here due to weather and much of it has Cruiser on it. Most planting has taken place over the last 5 days. So it is hard to find colonies yet. Colonies were found on buckthorn just north of London on May 25th so I am sure they have been moving to any soys they can find. Eastern Ontario is bound to have more activity right now given you are ahead of us in soy acres and growth stages.

  • F. Meloche

    I found buckthorn aphid on buckthorn May 26, 2011 in Lancaster and the following week in Ottawa, still on buckthorn.

    Two years ago, I found my first soybean aphid on a Cruiser variety in Bourget. Other standard varieties were not infested, but all varieties were infested a couple weeks later with less aphids on the Cruiser variety.