Young Western Bean Cutworm Larvae

Written by Tracey Baute

Tracey Baute

Areas of Focus • Collaborate on applied research and demonstration projects to validate/determine practical integrated insect management solutions • Monitor for and implement strategies for new invasive species • Co-developer of the Aphid Advisor App • Co-author of Publication 812, Field Crop Protection Guide

  • dan campbell

    if you can almost see the larva in the silk of the corn will insecticides possibly get to them?

    • admin

      Hi Dan

      If the majority of the larvae have already entered the ear than the insecticides won’t work on them. Correct insecticide timing is when the larvae have just hatched and are present on the whorl, tassel or leaves before they make it into the ear. Insecticides can’t penetrate the ear and these larvae don’t really feed on the outside of the ear again once they are safely inside feeding on the kernels.

  • Kevin Black

    Hi, Tracey! Still lovin’ your Bug Blog.
    Any news on brown marmorated stink bugs? Also… Isolated fields in Iowa have had soybean aphid numbers jump to well over threshold. Most are holding at low levels. What are you seeing?

    • admin

      Hi Kevin

      We have not found any BMSB in corn or soybean fields yet. The only known specimen to be found in Ontario so far has been in a home near Hamilton this spring. We are trapping and surveying but don’t expect it to be at pest levels for a few more years yet.

      As for soybean aphids, yes they are increasing here too. Eastern Ontario in particular saw numbers climb to above threshold very quickly last week, though I suspect more fields in Central and Southern Ontario will also have this happen. I was just about to write a blog about it actually so good timing on the question.