Conditions are Ideal for Wireworm and Grub Assessments

Wireworm Larva.  A. Schaafsma, UGRC

2017 Bt Corn Traits Table for Products Currently Available in Canada – English and French

Ridgetown Agribusiness Breakfast Meeting – April 18, 2017

Simcoe Ag Breakfast Meeting Notes – April 19, 2017

Corn – 2,4-D or not 2,4-D? Situational with Sikkema

2,4-D Feature

1st 2017 Ridgetown Ag Breakfast Meeting Minutes (April 4)

Exeter Ag Breakfast Meeting (April 11, 2017)

The Race Against Anthracnose

photo of edible beans in the field, green pods have anthracnose lesions

Simcoe Ag Breakfast Meeting Notes – April 5, 2017

Stripe Rust in winter wheat. (Photo courtesy of Ali Navabi)
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