Field Crop Report May 25, 2017

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Best Management Practices for Late Planted Soybeans

Dry Edible Bean Planting Dates

2016 May - white bean emerging (6)

Soil Compaction: Stay Off the Field Until the Soil is Ready

Stunted crop growth due to compaction (Fulton and Shearer, OSU)

New Food Safety and Traceability Online Courses!

worker hand man scanning package with warehouse barcode scanner in modern storehouse; Shutterstock ID 217121035

New, free soil health publications available to order!

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Exeter Agribusiness Minutes – May 23, 2017

Alfalfa Weevil Alert

Alfalfa weevil larva and damage. T Baute, OMAFRA

Ontario Field Crop Report – May 18, 2017

igure 1:  A wilted young corn plant damaged by black cutworm cutting the stem just below the soil surface.  Small patches are common where weeds and over-wintering cover crops are present in fields in early spring attracting egg-laying moths.

Mount Forest Ag Breakfast Meeting – May 16th, 2017

Purple deadnettle beginning to flower in April

2017 Ridgetown Ag Breakfast Meeting Minutes (May 16, 2017)

Cereal Leaf Beetle and True Armyworm – the Next Threats for Wheat and Other Crops

Cereal leaf beetle adult. J. Smith, UGRC

Watch for Black Cutworm As Corn Starts to Emerge

Black cutworm larva. J Smith, UGRC.
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