Precision Ag Advancement in Ontario – Grain Farmers Ontario – Spring Update

Figure 2. 2015 Variable Rate corn population map with checks built into the prescription map (Source: Veritas )

Variable Rate Nitrogen Trial (Oxford County) Preliminary Results

Nitrogen prescription map (zone name labelled)

Variable Rate Population Trial Results (Oxford County)

2013 corn yield map from the variable rate population trial.

Getting Started with Variable Rate Nitrogen

Topographic Zones
Red is high (1020-1050ft), orange are side slopes, Green is low (970-980 ft)

Ready, Set, Variable Rate Population Here We Go!

The above monitor show the map of the field that will be planted at 3 different populations of corn. The red areas in the above map will be planted at 30,000 seeds/ac, the yellow areas will be planted at 34,000 seeds/ac and the green areas will be planted at 38,000 seeds/ac.