Neonic Regulation Requirements “To Do List”

Neonics and What Corn and Soybean Growers Need to Know Now

Western Bean Cutworm Scouting Begins

Sun shining through the leaves help give away egg masses

Watch for Black Cutworm Injury

Black cutworm larva and damage (Photo credit: Jocelyn Smith, UGRC)

Western Bean Cutworm Traps for 2015

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug in 2014

BMSB on Venus dogwood (Photo credit: Hannah Fraser, OMAFRA)

Do You Need to Use Insecticide-Treated Corn and Soybean Seed?

corn and soybean seed

Scout for Western Bean Cutworm and Ear Mould Now

Figure 3. WBC feeding on Cry 1F corn, Thamesville, ON, Sep 12, 2014. J. Smith
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