Canola Swede Midge Update: Populations Peak with Hot Weather


Swede Midge Needs Your Attention!

Swede midge larvae and damage on canola plant

Bugs versus Slugs

Seed corn maggot injury to soybean seedlings

Flea Beetles in Canola taking a Bite out of Stands

intesnse feeding by the crucifer flea beetle causing approximately 25% damage

Armyworm Again! Scouting is Advised

Watch for this Stinker this Summer – Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

Brown marmorated stink bug adult (Photo Credit: Stephen Ausmus, USDA-ARS)

Alfalfa Weevil

Alfalfa weevil larvae feeding on 2nd cut regrowth

Alfalfa Weevil Reaching Threshold – Scout!

Cool, Wet April Means Good for Pests, Bad for their Enemies

Protecting Pollinators During Corn Planting Season

SW Ontario Corn Growers Wanted for Corn Planter Dust/Bee Study

Canola Growers – Swede Midge ID Workshop at U of G – April 5th

Taking Steps towards Reducing the Risk to Pollinators

Potato Leafhoppers in Alfalfa – Looking to 2013

Figure 4: Adult potato leafhopper
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