Making Soybean Silage

Soybean field

Leafhopper Alert

Potato leafhopper adult. Photo: T. Baute, OMAFRA

True Armyworm Scouting, Threshold and Management Guidelines

Armyworm parasitized by tachinid fly. J Smith, UGRC

Cereal Leaf Beetle and True Armyworm – the Next Threats for Wheat and Other Crops

Cereal leaf beetle adult. J. Smith, UGRC

Forage Summary 2016


Utilizing Moisture Stressed Corn as Feed


5 Forage Establishment Mistakes To Avoid


Successful Forage Establishment


Does Forage Variety Testing Have A Future?

2014 brochure

Fall Cutting Alfalfa


Sulphur On Alfalfa

Figure 4 - Response from potassium sulphate applied to alfalfa following 1st cut.

Forage Options Following Wheat


Italian Ryegrass Forage Options

August seeded Italian ryegrass cut in the fall and again May 24th (shown). (Photo credit Glen McNeil)

Buying Horse Hay

Horses & Hay

Double Cropping Fall Rye For Extra Forage

Fall Rye
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