Herbicide Resistant Weed Maps


Steel in the field

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Herbicide Injury Scenarios in Soybean – 2015 Ridgetown Diagnostic Days

Soybean Varieties from left to right: Liberty Link, Enlist, Xtend and Roundup Ready as affected by an application of glyphosate + Lontrel

Re-Spraying Weeds in Non-GMO soybeans

flumetsulam applied post to soys

Canada fleabane control pre-plant in soybean

Canada fleabane size on May 24th, 2011. This is beyond the ideal stage to effectively manage with either herbicides or tillage.

Herbicide Injury Identification – Resources

Close-up of dicamba drift with the cupping of leaves and stunting of internodes

Herbicide Injury Scenarios in Corn – Ridgetown Diagnostic Day (2014)

Response of an Enlist corn hyrbid (left) and a glyphosate/glufosinate tolerant hybrid (right) to an application of Assure II.

Permit herbicide – Guidelines for use in field corn

Visual control of yellow nutsedge at 2 weeks after an application of Permit (19 g/ac) + Agral 90 (0.25% v/v)

Recurring weed control questions


Spray drift from a bleaching herbicide onto Melons.

Can volunteer red clover be managed in soybeans?

Volunteer red clover control with a pre-plant application of glyphosate 360 g/L at 1.5 L/ac (left) compared to the untreated control (right)

Why pre-plant herbicides are so critical in soybean production

AMBTR_multiple resistant_MAPS_2014_summary

Weed Control in Ontario Horse Pastures

Wild Parsnip Control

Table 1. Average wild parsnip control obtained with various post-emergence broadleaf weed herbicides at different timing of application.
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