Weed Control in Ontario Horse Pastures

Wild Parsnip Control

Herbicide Injury in Soybeans: 2013 SW Diagnostic Days

Frost Damaged Corn and Post-Emergent Herbicide Applications

Can I Apply Post-Emergent Herbicides to Soybeans Before the 1st Trifoliate Stage?

Canada fleabane control in winter wheat

Herbicide resistant weed testing: University of Guelph lab results, 2013

Chickweed infesting an Alfalfa crop – What to do?

Should ammonium sulfate be added to glyphosate?

Using Pre-Harvest Herbicides in Soybeans

Herbicide Injury in Corn and Soybean, FarmSmart Expo 2012

Herbicide Injury Scenarios in Corn – Diagnostic Day Plots

Soybean response to late herbicide applications

How to remove a poor stand of corn prior to replanting

venture injury on corn - applied day before emergence
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