Herbicide Injury in Soybeans: 2013 SW Diagnostic Days

Leaf cupping caused by low rates of dicamba

Can I Apply Post-Emergent Herbicides to Soybeans Before the 1st Trifoliate Stage?


Canada fleabane control in winter wheat

Canada fleabane size on May 24th, 2011. This is beyond the ideal stage to effectively manage with either herbicides or tillage.

Herbicide resistant weed testing: University of Guelph lab results, 2013


Chickweed infesting an Alfalfa crop – What to do?


Should ammonium sulfate be added to glyphosate?


Using Pre-Harvest Herbicides in Soybeans

bean_separating from pod

Herbicide Injury in Corn and Soybean, FarmSmart Expo 2012

A close up of corn injury caused by 8 times the labelled rate of Liberty (glufosinate) applied to Liberty Link corn

Herbicide Injury Scenarios in Corn – Diagnostic Day Plots

Injury caused by a post emergent application of isoxaflutole/atrazine without the crop safener

Soybean response to late herbicide applications

Pre-plant dandelion control in soybeans

Centre Wellington-20120509-00049

When I apply 28% UAN to winter wheat can I also add a herbicide?

Refine M + UAN injury
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