Exeter Ag Breakfast Meeting

Ridgetown Breakfast Meeting Minutes, April 7, 2015

Making the Most of Your On-Farm Trials

Plot Layout 2 Treatments 4 Reps

Evaluating Soybean Fungicide Timing and Tankmixes

White mould was present at 2 of the 3 research sites in 2014

Verifying a Pre-Sidedress Soil Nitrate Threshold Test for Evaluating Nitrogen Top-Up Needs


Investigating Yield and Economic Performance of a “Build and Maintain” Fertility Approach versus a “Sufficiency” Approach in Corn: Interim Report

Figure 2- Intern report_corn_P&K study

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug in 2014

BMSB on Venus dogwood (Photo credit: Hannah Fraser, OMAFRA)

2014 Ontario Forage Crop – What Happened, Issues & Trends


Does Forage Variety Testing Have A Future?

2014 brochure

Do You Need to Use Insecticide-Treated Corn and Soybean Seed?

corn and soybean seed

2014 Grain Corn Ear Mould and Vomitoxin Survey

Figure 1. Map of Vomitoxin (DON) levels (PPM) in grain corn sample throughout Ontario on October 17, 2014.

Scout for Western Bean Cutworm and Ear Mould Now

Figure 3. WBC feeding on Cry 1F corn, Thamesville, ON, Sep 12, 2014. J. Smith

Fall Cutting Alfalfa


Pricing Corn Silage In 2014

corn silage

Forage Report – August 18, 2014

elemental S applied at establishment (right)