Is This Brown Marmorated Stink Bug?

WBC Peak Flight Was Last Week for Some Counties

How 10 cm (4″) can get you 50% off your herbicide bill?

annual weed control with glyphosate (360 g/L) at 1.5 L/ac applied to 20 cm (8") tall weeds

Explaining poor weed control

velvetleaf density and impact on control

How does tillage affect glyphosate performance?

volunteer wheat control with glyphsoate pre tillage

Soybean Aphids Reaching Threshold in Parts of Ontario

WBC Trap Catch Graphs

WBC Trap Counts Still Climbing!

Young Western Bean Cutworm Larvae

Spring Canola and Boron – Does it Pay?

Making Hay in a Bullish Grain Market – Stepping Up our Game

Post Plant Nitrogen Applications in Corn

Do We Need to Apply a Fungicide in Spring Cereals

Stem Canker in Soybean

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