Making Soybean Silage

Soybean field

2016-2017 Field Crop Protection Guide

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OMAFRA Field Crop Report – May 11, 2016


Winchester AgBreakfast Minutes – April 26, 2016

Maximum Safe Rate Fertilizer

Re-Spraying Weeds in Non-GMO soybeans

flumetsulam applied post to soys

Canada fleabane control pre-plant in soybean

Canada fleabane size on May 24th, 2011. This is beyond the ideal stage to effectively manage with either herbicides or tillage.

Winchester AgBreakfast Minutes – April 14, 2015

Alfalfa crown with firm tap root

Making the Most of Your On-Farm Trials

Plot Layout 2 Treatments 4 Reps

Winchester Ag Breakfast Meeting Notes – May 13, 2014

Figure 3 - Sieve for Fluency Agent

Winchester Ag Breakfast Meeting Notes – April 29, 2014


Winchester Ag Breakfast Meeting Notes – April 15, 2014

Winter Wheat Barley

Can I Apply Post-Emergent Herbicides to Soybeans Before the 1st Trifoliate Stage?


Soybeans as a Forage Crop

My Soybeans are Wilting

Figure 3.  Wilt symptoms of soybeans in field can be caused by a number of different pathogens.

Impact of Dry Conditions on Soybeans

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