July 2018 Forage Report

percent of average rainfall Ontario July 2018

Western Bean Cutworm Lower Than Previous Years – Scouting is Really Paying Off

OMAFRA Soil Management Event – August 22

Correctly Grounding an Electric Fence

OMAFRA Field Crop Report – Week of July 17, 2018

Figure 1: Red clover at 7 days after an application of MCPA Ester (left) compared to an un-treated strip. Note the curling of the leaves giving a slightly grey appearance.

Tarnished Plant Bugs in Dry Edible Beans

Western Bean Cutworm Trap Catches So Far and Crop Staging and Spray Timing

Crop Report – July 12, 2018

Red-headed Flea Beetles in Corn and Soys

Ontario Field Crop Report – July 5, 2018

cutting bar height is too low on hay field increases risk of soil contamination

Hot Dry Weather Increasing Risk of Spider Mites, Thrips and Aphids