GoBeans.ca : New Look and Updated Content!

The Ontario Pulse Crop Committee are very pleased to announce that GoBeans.ca has been updated! The home of our annual dry bean performance testing data has a fresh, new look. Head over to GoBeans.ca to find:

  • Variety descriptions for many of the varieties grown in Ontario – *New Content!*
  • The 2018 Ontario Dry Bean Variety Trials report in PDF format, which contains multi-year performance data for all classes of dry beans grown in Ontario
  • Historical Ontario Dry Bean Variety Trials reports dating back to 2005
  • Multi-year dry bean performance data displayed in tables and graphs
  • Head to head dry bean variety comparison tool
  • Research reports and presentations on dry bean topics, prepared by Ontario researchers and extension specialists

The website has details on where performance trials are located and who manages them, distributors of dry bean varieties in Ontario, and links to other valuable resources for local dry bean producers. You can also find more information about the Ontario Pulse Crop Committee and who to contact if you have questions related to the activities of the committee.

We hope you find all the dry bean variety information you are looking for. If you have any feedback on the new website, please contact Meghan Moran, Ontario Pulse Crop Committee Chair, at meghan.moran@ontario.ca or 519-546-1725.