The Race Against Anthracnose

photo of edible beans in the field, green pods have anthracnose lesions

Co-authored with Chris Gillard, University of Guelph- Ridgetown Campus The 2016 season was relatively dry, and one thing edible bean growers did not have to contend with was anthracnose. In Ontario we have not seen a significant infestation of anthracnose since 2010. Can we continue to keep anthracnose at bay into the future?  History of […]

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Root Rot in Edible Beans – No Easy Fix

Root rot is  becoming visually evident in many edible bean fields now that beans are entering  a more rapid vegetative growth phase and will have a high demand for water and nutrients. Pounding rains, compaction, tillage pans, poor internal drainage and soil structure are common culprits for inducing root rot. Common visual symptoms include stunting […]

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