Seeing Lots of Rootworm Adults in Rootworm Bt Fields? Let Us Know!

OMAFRA Field Crop Report – July 23, 2020

Figure 1: Dairy Manure being applied to a cover crop in late summer

Silk Clippers – Watch Out for These Three Culprits

OMAFRA Field Crop Report – July 16, 2020

Figure 1. Black beans at early pin pod growth stage.

SCN Survey of Dry Bean Fields in Perth and Oxford Counties

OMAFRA Field Crop Report – July 9, 2020

Figure 2.  Delayed manure application on harvested forage stands can cause significant injury and yield loss.

Forage Options Following Wheat

Avoiding, Preparing For and Reacting to Harvest Fires

Ridgetown – Simcoe Ag Business Breakfast Meeting – June 30, 2020

OMAFRA Field Crop Report – July 2, 2020

June 2020 Forage Report

True Armyworm Survey

Cobourg + Winchester Agribusiness Breakfast Meeting – June 24, 2020

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