Corn Earworm Presence Higher Than Expected – Check Your Fields

Western Bean Cutworm Lower Than Previous Years – Scouting is Really Paying Off

Tarnished Plant Bugs in Dry Edible Beans

Western Bean Cutworm Trap Catches So Far and Crop Staging and Spray Timing

Red-headed Flea Beetles in Corn and Soys

Hot Dry Weather Increasing Risk of Spider Mites, Thrips and Aphids

Find Soybean Aphids? Download the New Aphid Advisor V2.0 for Help with Spray Decisions

Watch for Armyworm in Spring Cereals and Mixed Forages

Bean Leaf Beetle Showing up in Essex and Chatham Kent

Make Alfalfa Weevil and Cereal Leaf Beetle Scouting a Priority

Western Bean Cutworm Resources for 2018

Cereal Leaf Beetle Activity on the Horizon

Rain Delay? Good Time to Set Up Wireworm Baits

Resistance Prevention – Managing Western Bean Cutworm and Mycotoxins in Corn

Locating the Overwintering Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

Map of Southern Ontario showing confirmed homeowner finds and established breeding locations of BMSB..
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