Mapping Tools

Field Crop News authors have maintain a variety of mapping tools. You can find a short description of each on this page.

Agricultural Information Atlas

The Agricultural Information Atlas (AIA) is OMAFRA’s free, easy-to-use online tool that can help you to develop nutrient management strategies and plans, plan tile drainage for your farm, and develop a farm sketch for Pest Assessment Reports, Bee Yard Registration, and other government programs, including the Great Lakes Agricultural Stewardship Initiative (GLASI).

You can learn more about the AIA here. OMAFRA has also developed a series of free tutorials to help you use it, which you can find here. To access the AIA, go to the AgMaps Geographic Information portal at

Cereal Leaf Beetle Tracker

Cereal Leaf Beetle (CLB) is an important pest in cereal crop production feeding on wheat, oats, barley, corn, forages and grassy weeds. CLB overwinters as an adult and then emerges early in the spring and females lay their eggs on leaves in wheat fields and grassy weeds. The eggs usually hatch by mid-May and the larvae feed for two to three weeks before pupating and turning into adults by mid-June.

You can view the current Cereal Leaf Beetle Tracker map here.

To help us get the most information possible, we are asking for your help!  If you are out scouting cereal fields this growing season and come across CLB, we want you to let us know where you are finding this pest and at what levels, along with some basic field information. To enter your field information, please complete the CLB survey at the following link: Cereal Leaf Beetle Survey. The survey can be accessed from your smartphone, tablet or you can enter the field location information at your desktop computer.

Herbicide Resistant Weed Map

The Herbicide Resistant Weed Map tool is updated on this page.