Nationwide monitoring pilot project for European corn borer

Pest Alert: Alfalfa Weevil and Leafhopper Numbers High

Introducing the New Adult Corn Rootworm Trap Network – Trap Participants Needed

2021 Ontario Cereal Leaf Beetle Survey

2021 Great Lakes and Maritimes Pest Monitoring Network

GLMPMN 2021 Trap Set Up Instructions and Trap Supply Needs

Corn Rootworm and Bt Resistance in Ontario

What is the true cost of Alfalfa Snout Beetle on your farm?

Figure 1. Alfalfa Snout beetle damage

Taking Root: Management Options for Bt-Resistant Corn Rootworm on Ontario Farms

Understanding the Impact and Measures Needed to Address Bt Resistant Rootworm

Non-corn options for livestock producers to manage Bt-resistant corn rootworm

Mitigation Measures for Bt Resistant Corn Rootworm

Scouting Guidelines to Determine Possible Rootworm Resistance

Continuous Corn Growers Should Check Fields for Rootworm Resistance to Bt Hybrids

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