Western Bean Cutworm Catches are Climbing

Seeing Lots of Rootworm Adults in Rootworm Bt Fields? Let Us Know!

Silk Clippers – Watch Out for These Three Culprits

True Armyworm Survey

True Armyworm and Cereal Leaf Beetle in Cereals

Cereal Aphid Alert – Scout Your Cereals!

Western Bean Cutworm 2020 Infosheets – Corn and Dry Beans

2020 Canadian Bt Corn Trait Tables with Events and Resistance Status -English and French

Is Corn Earworm the Next Field Crop Pest for Ontario?

Late Season Bean Leaf Beetle Activity in Soybeans

Been Waiting for These Bean Insects

Instructions on How to Enter Trap Data on the Great Lakes and Maritimes Pest Monitoring Network

First WBC Moth Caught This Year in Ontario

Pest Watch – Potato Leafhoppers, Thrips and Spider Mites

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