To plant green or to plant brown? Rye cover crop termination timing before soybeans (summary of 2017-2020 data)

Figure 1. Rye seeded after corn silage

Dog Strangling Vine Control with Herbicides

Pre-Harvest Herbicide Timing in Soybeans

Mixing “ATS” with herbicides: The importance of a “jar test”

An attempted jar test mixing of Liberty 200 SN with ATS as a carrier, resulting in unacceptable mixing.

Controlling Scentless Chamomile with Herbicides

2019 Soybean Seasonal Summary

Figure 2.  Beetle feeding on pods which can lead to significant seed quality issues.

Ontario Field Crop Report – Week of June 10th, 2019

Ontario Field Crop Report – Week of June 3rd, 2019

What’s Working on the Farm? Practical Solutions for Problem Weeds

Managing Glyphosate Resistant Canada Fleabane with Cover Crops and Tillage

Guide to Weed Control in Field Crops – Pub 75A

Crop response to herbicides applied prior to and after emergence.

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