Bluegrass Management in Winter Wheat

Yield losses of over 50% can occur from bluegrass competition in winter wheat. Bluegrass species often head at the same time as winter wheat and could intercept and reduce the amount of fusarium head blight fungicide reaching the grain head (Figure 1). There are several species of bluegrass found in Ontario. Annual, roughstalk and Canada […]

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To plant green or to plant brown? Rye cover crop termination timing before soybeans (summary of 2017-2020 data)

Figure 1. Rye seeded after corn silage

Jake Munroe, Mike Cowbrough and Sebastian Belliard (OMAFRA) Cereal rye (Secale cereal) has several strengths as a cover crop option. It’s relatively inexpensive and easy to kill. Rye improves soil structure, builds organic matter and helps protect against water and wind erosion. It can suppress weeds as discussed here (see Figure 1). It’s also very […]

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2019 Soybean Seasonal Summary

Summary Some years it’s a pleasure to grow soybeans. Other years producing a crop can be a real challenge. The 2019 growing season will be remembered as being very stressful for those involved in crop production. During this challenging year, Agricorp focused on optimizing resources to ensure that customers had the information they needed and […]

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