July 2020 Forage Report

Alfalfa plants exhibiting characteristic hopperburn: a yellow V shape on the tips of the leaves.

June 2020 Forage Report

Putting Hay into a Cash Crop Rotation

May 2020 Forage Report

April 2020 Forage Report

Spring Scouting of Alfalfa

alfalfa stem with frost-damaged leaf margins

Know the Amount of Feed in Your Pasture

demonstrating the use of a falling plate meter

Get a Jump on Early Spring Forage

August 2019 Forage Report

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's percent of average precipitation map for Ontario in August of 2019

July 2019 Forage Report

map showing percent of average rainfall in July 2019 in Ontario. Most of the province had below average rainfall, except the north shore of Lake Eire, and northwestern Ontario.

Are insects eating your forage crop?

Image of pasture damaged by armyworms. All the grasses have been eaten, leaving only broadleaf weeds behind.

June 2019 Forage Report

Managing Alternative Forages

Oat plants

Slowing down the rotation protects pasture yield

May 2019 Forage Report

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