2020 Soybean Seasonal Summary

Figure 2. Soybean stem tips wilting is a symptom of Fusarium root rot and wilt. Image: D. Mueller

2020 Corn Seasonal Summary

Figure 1. Variable corn stand in part of field planted May 4, 2020.

2020 Cereals Seasonal Summary

Figure 2: A common sight in 2020, winter wheat fields with red, yellow or purple looking plants due to temperature fluctuations and restricted root growth.

2020 Dry Edible Bean Seasonal Summary

Figure 2. White bean plants with green stems after application of a pre-harvest herbicide cause challenges with combining.

2020 Canola Seasonal Summary

Figure 1. Minor (left) and advanced (right) clubroot symptoms. Root galls of any size will increase clubroot spore populations in the field.

2020 Forage Seasonal Summary

Figure 1. Alfalfa Snout beetle damage

OMAFRA Field Crop Report – September 17, 2020

Figure 1. Soybean Cyst Nematode on Soybeans

OMAFRA Field Crop Report – September 10, 2020

Figure 4. Topsoil moved from a valley to a knoll (photo: Calvin Horst)

OMAFRA Field Crop Report – September 3, 2020

Figure 1. Rye seeded after corn silage

OMAFRA Field Crop Report – August 27, 2020

Figure 1: Root injury from corn rootworm larval feeding. Jocelyn Smith, UGRC.

OMAFRA Field Crop Report – August 20, 2020

Figure 3. Water infiltrates quickly and preferentially through continuous macropores created by daikon radish and oat cover crop roots.

OMAFRA Field Crop Report – August 13, 2020

Figure 2 – Tar spot produces raised, black lesions (stroma) on leaves and husks.

OMAFRA Field Crop Report – August 6, 2020

Crop Report – July 30, 2020

OMAFRA Field Crop Report – July 23, 2020

Figure 1: Dairy Manure being applied to a cover crop in late summer
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