Crop Report – September 15, 2021

Figure 4. 2020 Hybrid Screening Trial in Rodney, Ontario

Crop Report – September 8, 2021

Figure 1. Differing phosphorus management regions in the Lake Erie watershed as proposed by Dr. Macrae and colleagues.

Crop Report – September 1, 2021

Figure 1. Curves indicate fitted corn grain yield response to applied N at Elora, Ontario. Points indicate the economically optimal N rates for price ratios (PR) varying from 4.5 to 13.7 lb corn per lb of N. (Figure and caption from Deen et al, 2015)

Crop Report – August 25, 2021

Figure 3. Average WBC trap counts by county, sorted by peak flight periods.

Crop Report – August 18, 2021

Figure 3. SDS leaf symptoms (left) and stem (right)

Crop Report – August 11, 2021

Figure 3. Soil failure pattern created by a winged tine. Note the vertical fissures. (From Godwin and Spoor, 2015, after Spoor, 2006)

Crop Report – August 4, 2021

Figure 3. Viable seed produced by purple-top turnip that survived burndown prior to corn planting in 2021.

Crop Report – Grassy weeds in winter wheat

Figure 2. The “spike” seed head with distinctive short awns of annual/Italian ryegrass poking through a winter wheat canopy.

Crop Report – July 21, 2021

Figure 1. Manure applied 1 week ahead of cover crop seeding - growth 3 weeks after seeding.

Crop Report – July 14, 2021

Crop Report – July 7, 2021

Figure 2. 7.5” rows are recommended for double cropping to ensure fast canopy closure.

Crop Report – June 30, 2021

Figure 2. Fusarium head blight infection in winter wheat that was not sprayed with a T3 fungicide.

Crop Report – June 23, 2021

Figure 2. Thrips feed on individual plant cells leaving scars along the leaf veins. (Photo credit: Robert Moloney, Boyd’s Farm Supply)

Crop Report – June 16, 2021

Figure 2. Plants that are delayed in growth relative to their neighbours should also serve as red flags to dig and investigate.

Crop Report – June 9, 2021

Figure 1. PLH feeding causes yellowing of leaf tips, called “hopperburn”, shown here in a new seeding of alfalfa. Photo credit: J. Lindeboom.
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