Guide to Weed Control in Field Crops

OMAFRA has digitized all of their former print versions of crop protection resources (such as the Guide to Weed Control) into the Crop Protection Hub. A main driver of this change was to ensure that Ontario Agriculture had access to the most accurate and current information on pest management. The process required to create print resources had evolved to where it was difficult to get the product into the hands of users before the spring season.

The Crop Protection Hub has been a tremendous undertaking and is still very much a work in progress. I believe that it  does certain things much more efficiently than the old Guide to Weed Control did. However, I do revert back to the print version on occasion because certain types of comparative information is easier to process. I get it, some of you want the Guide to Weed Control back. I’m committed to finding a solution that best helps Ontario Agriculture make informed decisions that best serve their operations. Your constructive feedback on what you need in order to do that is appreciated and valued. Please continue to reach out. Here is what I have planned for the upcoming months

  1. Provide access to the .pdf version of the last published Guide to Weed Control (click here).
  2. Provide video demonstrations of finding information on the Crop Protection Hub.
  3. Create different print options from the Crop Protection Hub and seek feedback from Ontario Agriculture. If you have suggestions email me at