The Crop Protection Hub -How does it work?

All of OMAFRA’s pest management publications have been digitized into the Crop Protection Hub. While we have received positive feedback on this tool, we do understand that some prefer the print publications. We are working on a print solution from the Crop Protection Hub that we hope meets those needs. If you would like to be involved in evaluating any print option, please contact me directly at .

We’ve built a dynamic tool that we believe has many useful features. I’m going to highlight key strengths of the Crop Protection Hub in the area of weed control.

A weed control search will rank herbicide treatments based on their efficacy of the weeds you select.

Example: finding options to control five weeds that are in my winter wheat crop.

A weed control search can filter out options that won’t control herbicide resistant weeds.

Example: What types of herbicide resistant waterhemp do I have in my area and how can I control it and other weeds in my corn crop?

Search for profile pages of herbicides, filter by weeds or crops listed on product labels.

Example: see what herbicides list palmer amaranth on their label

Find herbicide options that don’t pose any crop rotation restrictions.

Example: What winter wheat herbicides would allow me to double crop soybeans after I’ve harvested the crop?

Any search you do within “the Hub” creates a unique web address that can be shared.

Example: I’ve done a weed control search and I’d like to share it with my agronomist.