Fall Armyworm Alert – Again!

September 2021 Forage Report

Pre-Harvest Sprouting in the 2021 Winter Wheat Crop

What’s Next in The Strategy to Reduce Soil Compaction: Observations on the Value of CTIS

Should You Variable Rate Nitrogen Spatially by Yield in Corn?

Building Resilient Soils

Bluegrass Management in Winter Wheat

Crop Report – September 22, 2021

Figure 1. Fertilizer applied this spring on right hand side of picture in a low testing field. (40 lbs/ac actual P and 70 lbs/ac of actual K)

Crop Report – September 15, 2021

Crop Report – September 8, 2021

Figure 1. Differing phosphorus management regions in the Lake Erie watershed as proposed by Dr. Macrae and colleagues.

Crop Report – September 1, 2021

Figure 1. Curves indicate fitted corn grain yield response to applied N at Elora, Ontario. Points indicate the economically optimal N rates for price ratios (PR) varying from 4.5 to 13.7 lb corn per lb of N. (Figure and caption from Deen et al, 2015)

August 2021 Forage Report

map of Ontario showing the percent of average rainfall received during August 2021

Fall Armyworm Alert – Forages, Corn, Cereals and Others at Risk

Crop Report – August 25, 2021

Figure 3. Average WBC trap counts by county, sorted by peak flight periods.

Crop Report – August 18, 2021

Figure 3. SDS leaf symptoms (left) and stem (right)
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