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  • flea beetle feeding damaged canola stem

    Northern Ag Breakfast Meeting

    Wednesday May 18th was the second virtual Northern Breakfast Meeting of the season. Thanks to Chloe Langlois, OMAFRA Agriculture Development Advisor – Timiskaming, for chairing the meeting. There will be 2 more meetings, according to the schedule below. After short updates from the OMAFRA specialist listed, the group will discuss any current cropping questions and give […]

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  • Canadian standardized assessment for European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis for all hosts, version 2.0

    The European corn borer (ECB; Ostrinia nubilalis), can be an important pest of corn. Despite its name, ECB is actually a generalist feeder, having a wide range of hosts. The recent confirmation of ECB resistance to Cry1F Bt corn in Nova Scotia has increased the need to monitor this pest across Canada. With so many […]

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  • Ridgetown-Simcoe Ag Breakfast Meeting Minutes – May 17, 2022

    Synopsis: The week of May 9 to 14, with sudden summer temperatures and good drying conditions, saw a flurry of field activity that came to an end with sporadic rain events over the weekend. Rainfall amounts ranged from less than 8 mm to 90 mm (NW of London) with thunderstorms also generating some localized hail.  […]

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  • Should I apply foliar boron to flowering canola?

    Many Ontario canola producers tank mix boron with a preventative white mould fungicide and apply it at 20-50% bloom. We took a closer look at whether foliar boron reduces flower abortion or improves yield. […]

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  • How do I control bluegrass in winter wheat?

    Bluegrass competition in winter wheat can result in yield losses of up to 50%. We reviewed current research to provide recommendations for reliable control of annual and roughstalk bluegrass in Ontario. […]

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  • Should I split apply nitrogen in winter wheat?

    Depending on the year and field conditions, you might get a yield bump from a split application of nitrogen (N) on your winter wheat crop. We’ve looked at a few different factors that might impact your N application decision. […]

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