Growing Winter Canola in Ontario — Fall: Prepare for Winter Survival

Vegetative Emergence The hypocotyl pulls the cotyledons above the soil surface. The growing point is exposed between the two cotyledons. Management: Fertilizer in the seed row can injure seedlings, especially nitrogen and potassium. Apply up to 1/4 of total nutrient requirements pre-plant. Seed 0.5-1 inches deep, or a maximum of 1.5 inches into moisture. Broadcast […]

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Natural Air Drying of Corn

This graph shows the estimated time for natural air drying of corn, with and without additional heat added.

Farmers who may be struggling to get corn dried this year are looking for alternate options.  It is possible to use natural (unheated) air to dry the corn.  Natural air drying is gentle and does not require any specialized equipment, other than a grain bin with a reasonably-sized fan, and maybe a small heater.  However, […]

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