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Make informed management decisions with SHAP, a soil health assessment that adapts to your needs.

SHAP: Soil Health Assessment & Plan



Match SHAP to your needs



Use the SHAP Score Calculator to compare your test results to a database of results from similar Ontario soils. Use this benchmark to identify trends over time with future sampling, or hone in on limiting soil functions by comparing results from good and poor areas of a field.


The Soil Health Management Plan is the key to providing value from the results of SHAP. A good plan integrates knowledge of the current management, objectives, and limitations with the results of the assessments conducted through SHAP. It recommends specific management actions that can be taken to address any concerns identified over the course of the assessment and includes enough detail in the considerations to ensure successful implementation.

Many researchers, agronomists, and farmers contributed to building SHAP, and they continue to expand and improve it. 

SHAP is currently being used to evaluate soil health by the following initiatives: 

Soil Health Testing Program

Free SHAP Laboratory Analysis Available – Niagara, York, Durham Regions Only [2024]