Applying Manure to Soybeans as an Alternative to Corn

soybeans with mulch underneath

Reducing Soybean Lodging

Cover Crop-Based Organic No-Till Soybean Production In Ontario

Pre-Harvest Herbicide Timing in Soybeans

Bean Leaf Beetle Pod Feeding Activity

OMAFRA Field Crop Report – August 13, 2020

Figure 2 – Tar spot produces raised, black lesions (stroma) on leaves and husks.

The 1st Trifoliate is the Best Time to Roll Soybeans

Soybean Replant Considerations

Is it Too Cold to Plant Soybeans?

OMAFRA Field Crop Report – April 23, 2020

Figure 1. Wheat leaves purpling due to anthocyanin production under cool temperatures

Organic no-till soybean production: is it possible in Ontario?

soybeans with mulch underneath

Identifying and Mitigating the Risks of Ultra-early Soybean Planting

Should Carry-Over Soybean Seed Be Used this Spring?

Does Soybean Photoperiod Sensitivity Impact Variety Selection?

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