Winter Barley is Making a Comeback in Ontario!

True Armyworm Survey

True Armyworm and Cereal Leaf Beetle in Cereals

Disease Management in Winter and Spring Cereal Crops

Ontario Cereal Leaf Beetle Survey

How will the cold temperatures effect cereal crops?

Considerations for Nitrogen Applications in Spring Cereals

Managing Oats for Maximum Yield Potential and Profitability

Figure 1: Oats on October 9th that were seeded following spring wheat for forage.

Considerations for Fungicide Applications in Oat Production

Impact of Planting Date and Growing Degree Day Accumulations in Winter Wheat

Inside Fusarium Head Blight Testing in Ontario Winter Wheat

Optimum Planting Dates for Winter Wheat in Ontario

Ontario Cereal Crop Committee 2019 Update

Plant Growth Regulators – The Why, Where and When

Managing Fusarium Head Blight in the 2019 Winter Wheat Crop

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