2021 Ontario Cereal Leaf Beetle Survey

Cereal leaf beetle larva. C. DiFonzo, MSU

We are gathering cereal leaf beetle (CLB) data again this year to help validate growing degree day models generated by AAFC-Saskatchewan. If you are out scouting cereal fields this growing season and come across CLB, we want you to let us know where you are finding this pest, what stage and how many you are finding. To enter your field information, please complete the CLB survey at the following link: Cereal Leaf Beetle Survey. The survey can be accessed from your smartphone, tablet or you can enter the field location information at your desktop computer.

As part of the CLB survey, we would also like 15 to 30 CLB larvae per field collected in vials of alcohol (or hand sanitizer) to send to AAFC-Lethbridge. There, Dr. Haley Catton will dissect the larvae to search for the very important parasitoid wasp, Tetrastichus julius. So if you find larvae, please contact Tracey Baute (519-360-7817) to coordinate these collections.

Additional links to help with the survey and cereal leaf beetle:

For instructions on how to complete the survey please check out this storymap:  Instructions for Collecting Cereal Leaf Beetle Counts

For more information on CLB staging please check out: https://fieldcropnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Cereal-Leaf-Beetle-Life-Stages.pdf

For information on cereal crop growth stages please check out:  http://coolbean.info/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2018/04/2018_WheatGrowthStages_FINAL.pdf

For more information on CLB scouting and thresholds:

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