Neonicotinoid Contaminated Dust and Pollinator Exposure during Planting; Results from 2013

New 2014 BMPs for Pollinator Protection and Use of Insecticide Treated Seed

Be Proactive: Take Steps Now to Protect Bees In the Next Planting Season

ALERT – FIelds in High Risk Western Bean Cutworm Regions Need to Be Scouted!

Neonics or Not on 2014 Seed?

Soybean Aphids and Spider Mites in Soys

It’s Not Too Late – Natural Enemies Workshop in Simcoe on Aug 7th

Bugs That May Start Bugging Us this Week

Wanted: Corn Rootworm Beetles

Western Bean Cutworm Thresholds for High Risk Fields in Ontario

Soybean Aphid Populations Present and Increasing in Some Fields

Western Bean Cutworm Trap Catches Low So Far

Sprayed for Swede Midge? Now What?

Canola Swede Midge Update: Populations Peak with Hot Weather

Swede Midge Needs Your Attention!

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