OSCIA Strip Trial Participants Wanted

This is the last year of the four year on-farm study investigating early season insect pests and efficacy of neonicotinoid and/or diamide seed treatments in corn or soybeans. University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus are looking for participants again this year.

The full trial protocol can be found here. Any growers planting neonic, diamide or both treated seed along with fungicide only strips, replicated at least 3 times in the same field are welcome. Fields comparing only diamides and fungicide treated seed are also welcome. Remember the Pest Assessment Reports (PAR) used to gain access to neonic treated seed are valid for 12 months from the date the assessment was completed. So those who successfully completed a PAR within the last 12 months can use that PAR to purchase seed for this planting season for the 100 acres or less plots on the farm property identified on the PAR.

Participants interested can contact Jocelyn Smith at: onneonicstudy@gmail.com