The Race Against Anthracnose

photo of edible beans in the field, green pods have anthracnose lesions

Co-authored with Chris Gillard, University of Guelph- Ridgetown Campus The 2016 season was relatively dry, and one thing edible bean growers did not have to contend with was anthracnose. In Ontario we have not seen a significant infestation of anthracnose since 2010. Can we continue to keep anthracnose at bay into the future? ¬†History of […]

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Fungicide Efficacy for Control of Corn Diseases in Ontario (Corn Disease Working Group)

The hot, dry weather conditions to date have not been very conducive to foliar leaf diseases across most of the province.¬† In most cases, besides high relative humidity, prolonged wet conditions on the leaves are necessary for infection but only under favourable temperatures (16-30oC).¬† What has started to show recently in the southwest are the […]

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