Ridgetown-Simcoe AgriBusiness Breakfast Meeting Minutes – April 6, 2021

N application to wheat

April 6, 2021, 8:00 am   Due to COVID restrictions, ag breakfast meetings will be paired and held virtually by video conference on the Zoom platform again in 2021. The first 2021 Ridgetown-Simcoe virtual ag breakfast meeting was held April 6.   Supply Chain:  With repeating COVID lockdowns, retailers report that locations are generally closed to public. Despite restrictions, input companies and retailers expect no supply or logistic disruptions for crop inputs. Like 2020, seed and crop protectant products are being […]

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Ridgetown-Simcoe Agribusiness Breakfast Meeting Minutes – April 7, 2020

07 April 2020, 8:00 am Due to COVID restrictions, ag breakfast meetings will be paired and held virtually by video conference on the “zoom” platform in 2020. The first 2020 Ridgetown-Simcoe virtual ag breakfast meeting was held April 7 with about 60 participants. Supply Chain: Given COVID restrictions, majority of communication with growers this spring has been by […]

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