Cutworm Cutting

Thanks for the Heads-up Bob Buis!  Bob reports that he has seen a field with 5% of the plants cut by cutworm in the Lighthouse Cove (Tilbury) area. Cutting indicates that the cutworm larvae are bigger and more mature and may be difficult to control.  Now that corn fields are emerging, they need to be scouted every 5 days for leaf feeding and cutting.   Don’t assume that insecticide seed treatments or Bt corn will control them since these products typically only work well on the younger, smaller larvae.  This year’s difficult spring has allowed cutworm larvae to feed and grow on the weeds that didn’t get an early burn down while waiting for the corn to come up.   Refer to the OMAFRA Agronomy Guide for thresholds   If management is required, spray late in the evening when the larvae are actively feeding.

Happy Scouting and Don’t Forget your Rubber Boots!