Handy Search Site for Product Labels

I’m heading out to the fields today so I will have more to report on tonight.  But at the breakfast meeting yesterday a question about a product label came up and I thought it would be handy to provide you with the link to PMRA’s Label Search Site at:  http://pr-rp.pmra-arla.gc.ca/portal/page?_pageid=34,17551&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

Use the drop down menu to select “Product Name” or “Active Ingredient” and then type in the name of the product or a.i. that you are looking for under “Criteria”.   When you are done, hit “Submit Search Requirements”.  You will get a list of the registered products for Canada that fit your “Criteria”.  Click on the “Registration Number” on the far left for the specific product that you were searching for.  Don’t click on the actual product name that shows up in the middle of the row, as that just gives you the registration dates of the product and other details that you don’t probably need.  Once you click on the “Registration Number” it will download the latest copy of the product label that is available through PMRA.