Hello and Welcome!

You found it!  Yes, it is me, Tracey…just in case you were wondering if there could be another Baute out there that is a bug geek.  Maybe there is but I beat them to the blog name.  After 9 years on the job (wow..9 years), I’ve learned that when pest infestations start up, you guys need and want to know about them as soon as possible.  And our voicemails can fill up pretty fast when everyone is asking similar key questions about what is happening and what they need to do about the situation.   So I thought I’d help by starting up a blog.   This will allow us to get any pest alerts out in realtime, based on what the OMAFRA field crop team and other experts across the province and beyond are seeing.  I also encourage anyone else who is out scouting field crops to add their comments in about any pests they are seeing so that we can all stay informed.

And feel free to send in comments on how to improve this blog to make it more useful for you.  This is a brand spanking new site and I intend to keep making updates to it.

8 thoughts on “Hello and Welcome!

  1. Tracey:
    Looking forward to following your blog.Yes it will be much better than talking to your voice mail.
    Walked our first planted corn field today and it is spiking through the ground. Should be able to row it soon.
    Was trying to figure out how to post pictures on your blog. If this is possible please leave info. Will be waiting to see whats bugging me.

    1. Hi Tom. I am not sure this is set up for the comment section to host photos. I’ll look into it. In the meantime, you can email me the pics and I can add them into the actual blog if it is something you want everyone to see and discuss.
      Thanks T.

  2. Hi Tracey,
    Congratulations on your blog.
    You might want to consider content filters on the pics if Tom is going to post. Just kidding.

  3. Hi Tracey
    Excellent idea. This is a perfect communication tool, and will really help since sometimes time is of the essence when making spray decisions.
    Looking forward to watching this evolve!

  4. Tracey – a question for you:

    Why is there now a high rate of Matador on Corn? When do we need that?

    1. Hi Bob

      That is correct. There is a higher rate for Matador now that was just registered this year. The high rate is for better control of Corn Earworm and European Corn Borer in particular.

      Hope that clarifies things! And thanks for asking on this so others can also get this information or comment.

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