Things to be looking for

Just in case some of you are keen and plan to be scotuing this long weekend, there are a few critters you should be watching for.

Alfalfa weevil (AW) larvae are starting in some fields.  So far just the smaller 1st and 2nd instars but warmer weather will help them grow too.  Stay ahead of any infestations by scouting the same field often. 

Cereal leaf beetle (CLB) adults have also been active and I am expecting some larvae to be feeding soon.  Wheat fields should be scouted as it is really important to keep any infestations from causing damage to especially the flag leaf. 

More info on AW and CLB management was provided in this week’s CropPest at:

Soybean aphids on buckthorn and bean leaf beetles have not been sighted yet.  If you are finding them, let me know!

Have a fantastic weekend and I hope the rain stay away so we can dry out a bit!

3 thoughts on “Things to be looking for

  1. Commenting from over in Michigan, I haven’t found any aphid colonies on buckthorn either, despite a very heavy suction trap catch last fall. cdd

  2. Tracey, I think I have been confusing cereal aphids with those poop covered CLB, will you be in the Sarnia area this week? Maybe I could take you to some fields to help me? Also found weevil feeding in every alfalfa field today, everyone is behind planting, I am going to check again Friday after warm temperatures come through and I imagine will be spray sometime from the weekend on.

    1. Hi Chad. I’m actually planning to hit the Petrolia area later today. I’ll give you a call when I am heading your way and we can meet up to check some fields.
      See you then! T

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