Armyworm Spotted in Essex County

The first report of spraying for armyworm in sweet corn in Essex County came in today. We are not sure how heavy of infestation to expect in other fields but wheat and newly emerging corn fields should be scouted in Essex, Chatham-Kent, Lambton, Elgin and Middlesex counties asap.  Armyworm reports from Essex tend to give us a few days heads-up to catch any infestations in the neighbouring counties.  But other counties in southwestern Ontario should be scouted in the next 7 days to 10 days to determine if armyworm is present there.

A CropPest Newsletter article will go out later this week with details on scouting and management strategies. You can also find information in the Agronomy Guide for Field Crops and past CropPest articles (links provided below)

4 thoughts on “Armyworm Spotted in Essex County

  1. I thought I had army worms on my pine trees, but these guys are dark grey/green with shiny black head. They do have a full dorsal stripe in light grey and side stripes in darker grey. When disturbed they rear up to show six black front legs while the rest of the legs are light green or greyish suction pads. They team up two to a needle and consume. You can find them in a mass of maybe 30 at a time. I know it’s not crop but we are farmers and would like to know what we’ve got.

  2. Hi Tracey,
    I came across a patch of wheat that had a percentage of dried up heads in the mix(10-20%). Upon further investigation the whole stalk had been completely clipped at or just above ground level. The patch wasn’t overly large and was probably 40 ft off the field edge. There was minimal evidence of leaf feeding. It was dusk and I wasn’t carrying my flashlight so as to get a better look. What do you suppose caused this? The field is located at the corner of Kent Line and Mawlam.

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