Bean Leaf Beetle Adults Active and Some Cereal Leaf Beetle Too is a busy week on the insect front.  Sorry..two posts in one day but I want to get the message out!

Bean leaf beetle adults are active in emerging soybean fields.  We are starting to see feeding damage in several fields in the southwestern counties.  These beetles have been waiting a while for soybeans to come up.  Fields not planted with Cruiser in areas that have been known to have overwintering adults (up to S. Huron and Wellington Counties) will need to be scouted to determine infestation levels.  For more information on bean leaf beetle scouting and thresholds, here are some helpful resources:

Cereal leaf beetles have also reached threshold in fields in the Aylmer and Delhi areas, which tells me that there could be more hot spots in that region (or others) that are being missed .  Scout wheat fields to see if any larvae or adults are present.  I realized the other day, a good way to describe the larvae is to look for a very dense muddy drop of water on the leaf.  If you look closer, it is probably cereal leaf beetle.