Soybean Aphid 2009 Scouting Maps

We are starting to scout our soybean sites for 2009.  Our weekly scouting results are available on the IPM PIPE Network at:

We will be updating these maps weekly and will include any key observations and recommendations within the commentary for both soybean aphids and bean leaf beetles.  To see the Ontario commentary, you need to zoom in to the province of Ontario by either using the “magnifying glass with the + sign” button to highlight or crop to our province or click on the button next to this one (the magnifying glass on the word STATE) to get a drop down menu that has Ontario within the list of states and provinces.  Select Ontario and the map will zoom in.  If the commentary still does not show up, zoom into the province a little more until it does.

Similar maps will also be going up on the OSG website starting next week.   A new addition will be our Bean leaf beetle weekly scouting maps that will also be included on the OSG website.