More Soybean Aphid Research Sites Needed

Now that we are getting into the R1 (beginning bloom) stage of soybeans, we have a bunch of research to do on soybean aphids including trying different combinations of water volume, pressure and nozzle configurations and testing new novel insecticides for future registrations.  But we need sites.  So anyone that finds soybean fields  (>25 acres) with aphids at or above 250 aphids per plant within approximately 100 km radius around London please contact me.  We’d like to set up some plots in up to 11 fields and can compensate growers for the space we take up.  With a little luck and help locating good aphid sites, we can work at adding more key elements to soybean aphid management toolbox.

One thought on “More Soybean Aphid Research Sites Needed

  1. Just sprayed 100 acres of soys for aphids southwest of hensall july 19 09,yes there was enough pressure to warrant spraying. used .4 litres of cygon per acre.I’m sure neighbouring fields are infested as well. Farmers should be scouting fields not just drive bys.

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