True Armyworm in Wheat in Exeter!

It is a strange season.  Things that shouldn’t be happening yet are and it is really messing us all up in terms of catching things in time before they become a problem.

I just had a call from Laura Neubrand that she has found true armyworm in a late planted wheat field near Exeter that has 3 to 4 larvae per square foot!  Larvae are anywhere from 1 inch or smaller.  There is at least 30 more days before harvest so this field can still be saved.  But other fields in the area may not be as lucky.  Most products have 21 to 28 days to harvest intervals with the exception of 1 that has a 14 days to harvest interval.  So fields should be checked at least once before it is too late.  Best at early evening/night to actually see the larvae.  Seperate the plants to look down along the ground for any activity or frass.  4 larvae per square foot that are an inch or smaller is threshold.

One thought on “True Armyworm in Wheat in Exeter!

  1. Seen a few in a wheat field near Thamesville last week 1 per sqare foot maybe a few tiller heads on the ground.

    Also Checked my Western Bean Cutworm Trap this morning and found 1 moth.

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