More Western Bean Cutworm Damage Being Found


We visited the Newbury WBC site last week and it was concerning to see so many plants infested with WBC larvae.  There were no external entry holes from the outside of the ear which could fool those who think the ears are clean.  Pay extra attention to those ears that are slightly opened at the ear tip (husk not tightly closed) and if the silks look thinned.  Once ears are peeled open, look for signs of frass (larvae excrement).  Neighbouring plants are also likely to have larvae too.

 More reports were coming in late last week from reps who were out checking their trials and finding WBC.  So far, WBC larvae have been found in corn in Dover Center (by Shawn Winter of Maizex) and near Strathroy (by Nick Stokman).  Also, Joe Tomecek reported finding WBC in dry beans near Kent Bridge.

Please keep checking fields and sending me your damage reports.   There is nothing we can do this year about this injury (and none so far have been at economic levels) but the more damage sitings we know of this year, the more knowledge we gain about the distribution and impact of this pest in Ontario.  It will also inform us of any potential overwintering sites and potential problem regions for next year.