Cereal Leaf Beetle Activity in Ohio

Ohio colleagues report finding cereal leaf beetle adults and eggs in wheat at various locations there.  Ontario usually sees a few hot spots with CLB infestations around the same time that Ohio does so be on the look out.

Cereal Leaf Beetle Adult

Best way or worst way to scout, depending on who does your laundry at home, is to wear light coloured pants into the wheat fields.  If you don’t happen to spot them while inspecting plants in the field, your pants will tell you if larvae are present since the fecal matter that they have used to cover their own bodies with to stay moist will rub off onto your pants and leave brown streaks.

More information on cereal leaf beetles can be found here.

One thought on “Cereal Leaf Beetle Activity in Ohio

  1. Tracey
    just to let you know Cabbage Seedpod Weevil are out in full force in the winter canola fileds.
    I have delayed spraying unitl the temperatures turn around and they move closer to the top of the plants so they are easier to hit.

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