Expect Early Activity

What a spring so far.  Things are happening fast.  Given the warm start to the season, we should expect an early start for many of our early season insect pests too.  Consider scouting at least 2 weeks earlier than norm.  Alfalfa weevils should be active shortly if they are not already (anyone find any yet?).  Grubs are starting to feed on wheat and alfalfa stands making some question if replanting is necessary.  And black cutworm is likely to fly in from the southern US soon too as reports of trap catches from other states indicate they are making their way up here.

Regardless, any of these early planted fields should have insecticide seed treatments on them to protect from the early season pests that will be coming out of their overwintering sites.  First field up will be eye candy for them.

BTW – Thanks for staying tuned to my blog.  Last year was a trial run and I am happy with the results.  I hope you are too.  I plan to keep it evolving, with new features and more connectivity with other ag and pest sites/blogs.  If you have any suggestions of what you’d like to see from this blog, let me know.

Enjoy the sun while searching for the smaller things in life 🙂

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